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Setting up a space is an art that requires creativity, competence and sensitivity. It’s not just about furnishing or decorating, but about creating an atmosphere that reflects the personality and values of those who live or use it. Whether it is a shop, a stand at a fair or a private creation, the goal is to make the space welcoming, functional and distinctive. Every company knows that its triumph also depends on its reputation, on the ability to convey its essence and service in a clear and congruent way. For this reason, the exhibition design must be absolutely tailor-made and with attention to every detail to best express the concept you want to spread.

MIRCOLED is a leading company in the LED lighting sector, able to offer personalized and innovative solutions for every type of need. Whether it’s lighting a tent for street vendors, a motorcycle room or a car showroom, MIRCOLED has the right product for you. Among our products, you can find LED modules of various powers and middle power LED strips, which easily adapt to any surface and which guarantee excellent light output and low energy consumption. Furthermore, we have rgbw and white dynamic spotlights, which allow you to change the color and intensity of the light according to your preferences and different situations. Our products are made with quality materials and are resistant to bad weather and high temperatures.

With MIRCOLED, you can transform your space into a welcoming, functional and attractive place.


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