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Mirco Intri
Mirco Intri

The company

THE MIRCOLED COMPANY is a point of reference in the LED lighting sector. Founded in 2012

by Mirco Intri

The company offers customized and high-level LED lighting solutions, to meet the needs of each customer, both in the industrial and civil sectors, respecting current regulations.

We design and create electronic systems for LED lighting, listening to customer requests and proposing optimal solutions. We also provide maintenance and assistance services for our products, ensuring quality and reliability. We operate in various fields, such as automotive, tensile structures, fittings for shops and shop windows, furnishings for bars and clubs, street furniture and much more. Thanks to our experience and our research and development, we create highly complex components and innovative solutions. We also use LED management software, which allows us to control and monitor our lighting systems.

Quality and innovation are our strengths

Our company is based on the principles of quality and innovation, which allow us to offer tailor-made solutions for our customers. We use first choice materials and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the resistance and efficiency of our products. We have extensive experience in LED circuit design and customization of mechanical components, based on the specific needs of each customer. We have been operating in the sector for more than ten years and can boast a solid reputation for professionalism and reliability.

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