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How we work. Our product development process follows multiple distinct phases, ranging from concept to finished product. This process is essential to creating high-quality products that meet customer needs and expectations. Here is an overview of the stages of the product development process.


In this phase, we take care of designing the electronic system which must satisfy the specifications requested by the customer. To do this, we must select the most suitable components based on the layout of the printed circuit board (PCB) and the functions that the system will have to perform. After defining the project, we must also evaluate the time and costs necessary for development and compare them with the available budget. In this way, we can choose the most convenient and quality elements (components and PCBs).


Programming is an essential part of our service. We offer customized firmware solutions for various devices, both in the IoT and lighting sectors. We create process control systems for light regulation, energy harvesting devices, motion sensors and touch switches of different nature. We also develop software with touch displays or user interface applications, and we take care of interfacing via standard 485 or home automation. The C/C++ code for microcontrollers is written by our technical team, ensuring a product tailored to the customer and considering costs and times to guarantee the best performance and quality of the system.



Our mechanical design follows a well-defined process, which consists of three main phases. In the first phase, we listen to the customer’s requests and select the most suitable material for the type of desired product. In the second phase, we develop the final project, starting from a hand sketch and then using 3D CAD software to create the technical drawings necessary to create the product. In the third phase, we build a prototype or the finished product, always taking into account the customer’s budget and the characteristics of the product. In this way, we can provide a quality and personalized product, which we define as “CUSTOM MADE”.

Example of how we work

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